Church Amps

Heavenly Tone from the Ground Up!

The CHURCH Model 56 is a premium all tube 14-watt hand built guitar amplifier based on the venerable Fender Deluxe® 5E3 originally produced from 1955-1960. The design’s apparent simplicity belies the vast range of wonderfully complex sounds it produces. Renowned for its early breakup and richly saturated overdriven tone, the 5E3 has long been a top choice for demanding players.

The Model 56 is a reinterpretation of the 5E3 optimized for today’s stage and studio demands. Slightly louder and considerably less noisy than the original, the extremely responsive CHURCH Model 56 delivers sonic depth, clarity and focus, along with strong transients and a three-dimensional quality that brings out the best in every player and instrument.

Each component of the Model 56 has been carefully chosen to deliver the best possible sound and performance. Many components exceed original 5E3 specifications, making for a vintage-inspired amp that is robust, reliable, ready for years of great music making.


Custom Hand Built Hardwood Cabinet
Mirrored Chrome 18 ga Steel Chassis
3mm Thick Hand-Wired Turreted Circuit Board
Magnetic Components ClassicTone Power and Output Transformers
F&T Filter Capacitors
Sprague Cathode Bypass Capacitors
Orange Drop DC Blocking Capacitors
Ohmite and Vishay Dale Heavy Duty Precision Resistors
Bourns Long Life Potentiometers
Switchcraft connectors
Carling Switches
Genuine Bakelite Pointer Knobs

Model 56 Chassis
Handwired Turret Board
Premium Components