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Garland Ruby Music, LLC, is the Connecticut-based business entity through which Andy Church publishes original music, offers audio production services, and sells beautiful hand crafted all tube guitar amplifiers, the Church Model 56.

Garland Ruby Sink was my maternal grandfather, with whom I spent a great deal of time during my formative years, and from whom I inherited a strong appreciation for  working with my hands.  Pictured is the tool shed I helped him build behind his house in 1966, which remains standing today.

About Me

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Since saying farewell to the University of North Carolina’s Radio, Television, and Motion Picture program in order to establish Lloyd Street Studios, Ltd, in 1981, Andy Church has been working constantly to improve his knowledge and skill as a recording and performing musician.

As the MIDI standard was being adopted in 1983, Church was invited to join the staff of B&B Music, an independently owned combo shop in Chapel Hill’s Eastgate Shopping Center. There he undertook to learn and share as much as possible about a full range of products, including electric and acoustic guitars, bass guitars, amplifiers, drums, keyboards, pro sound, lighting, and recording gear.

B&B Music was bought in 1985 by the Durham-based Music Loft, which at the time was on its way to becomming one of the nation’s most successful privately owned regional combo music chains. Andy helped run the Music Loft’s Carrboro location for nearly 20 years, providing instruments, equipment, service, and advice to Chapel Hill/Carrboro area musicians… including their parents, wives, husbands, and friends, as well as the many touring artists passing through town.

Playing in a number of regional bands along the way, including Rick Rock (now known as Parthenon Huxley… see below), Cream of Soul, and Cat Baby!, Church not only appeared onstage in thousands of shows, he helped set up and tear down the stage each night, and was generally regarded as the primary troubleshooter (nicknamed “Doc”) whenever technical problems arose. All the hours spent reading manuals did not go unpunished!

Now living in beautiful Rowayton, CT, Andy focuses on writing and recording his own music. His first ever solo effort, Sleeping in the Van, is now available.

From the Parthenon Huxley bio at

Huxley left the democratic confines of The Dads to take a stab at running a band as a benign dictator with full control of the sound and songs. In 1982 he recruited drummer Chip Shelby and bassist Andy Church to help him achieve his vision and called the new trio Rick Rock, a nod to a joke from high school. Huxley wanted Rick Rock to explode on the Chapel Hill scene with full force–in both the Blazers and Dads he’d performed new songs live before an audience with verses missing or unfinished solo sections, and found it wanting.

Rick Rock rehearsed at Chapel Hill’s Lloyd Street Studios for nine months before appearing in public. During that time Huxley, Shelby and Church became a tight, formidable unit and Huxley’s songwriting blossomed. During the nine-month rehearsal period, Rick Rock recorded a single at TGS Studios outside of Chapel Hill, the same studio where the Blazers had recorded. But this time, Huxley took the role of producer. The result was Buddha, Buddha b/w Sputnik. The sessions cost $400 total. A few years later the Greensboro Record called Buddha, Buddha one of the Ten Best Records Ever Made in NC. (James Brown’s Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag was #1).

An opportunity then presented itself to the band. A new label, Dolphin Records, with backing from record store chain The Record Bar, was interested in putting out a compilation of NC bands. When Mondo Montage came out a few months later, Rick Rock was the only band with two songs on the album: Buddha and Sputnik. Rolling Stone quickly picked up on the album and writer Parke Puterbaugh gave Huxley his first memorable national quote: “You could land a marlin with these hooks!”

With the Rolling Stone review in hand and heavy local airplay for Buddha, Buddha creating interest, on Valentine’s Day of 1983 Rick Rock debuted as headliner at The Pier in Raleigh featuring bands from the Mondo Montage album. Huxley’s vision of a band exploding on the scene had come true. The band played to a raucus packed house in its first ever live performance.

Rick Rock shared bills with the Romantics, Berlin, and notably R.E.M. (When Rick Rock opened for R.E.M. the Raleigh crowd deafeningly chanted the band’s name at the end of their set. Rick Rock obliged the crowd with an encore. R.E.M. guitarist Peter Buck angrily confronted Rick Rock’s manager, Anistatia Renard, saying ‘Warm up bands don’t do encores!’ Anistatia responded: “This one does!”) More gigs followed and packed shows at the Cat’s Cradle, the Pier and on the UNC campus are still fondly remembered by those who were there back in the day.

Studio Gear

Way Down the Hall
©2010 Andy Church, all rights reserved

cranesong STC-8/H
drawmer 1968 mercenary
retro instruments 176 x 2
teletronix LA-2A
universal audio 1176LN
stam audio 4000 mk i vca compressor

dynaudio acoustics BM 15A monitors
dynaudio acoustics BM 5A near field monitors
dynaudio acoustics BM 14S subwoofer
focal spirit professional headphones
akg K702, K271, & K240 headphones
spl 2Control monitor controller

acoustic treatment
rigid fiberglass panels
suspended in custom wooden frames

wunder CM7
brauner Phantom C AE
audio-technica AT4047/SV
neumann KM84 x 2
neumann TLM 170
neumann TLM 107 x 2
neumann TLM 102 x 2
akg C451 EB / CK1 x 2
adk custom shop cremona-251 t
adk TC GK 67 AU
adk tl
bock audio U195
jz black hole bh1
jz vintage 67
jz vintage 11
jz violet amethyst x 2
jz violet “the finger” x 2
cascade knucklehead lundahl
cascade fat head II
cascade vin jet lundahl
heil audio PR40
electro-voice RE20
electro-voice ND46
sennheiser E906
shure SM57 x 2
shure SM58 x 2
shure 520DX green bullet
fake SM57
audix i5

great river EQ2NV mercenary
pultec EQP-1A3 x 2
dangerous bax eq

digital conversion
16 channels mytek 8X192
universal audio apollo twin mk ii quad
universal audio apollo twin duo
universal audio arrow
universal audio uad2
universal audio uad satellite quad
apogee duet 2

api 3124+
demeter HXM-1
great river MP-2NV mercenary
prism sound Maselec MMA-4XR

bricasti M7 stereo reverb

computer audio
mac pro 3,1 dual 2.8 GHz quad core, 16 GB RAM
mac pro 5,1 dual 2.66 GHz 6-core, 32 GB RAM
iMac, 16 GB RAM
pro tools hd 3, version 10
pro tools hdx, version 11
vienna ensemble pro
bias peak, reaper, dsp quattro
scads of software processors & instruments

Church Amps

Heavenly Tone from the Ground Up!

The CHURCH Model 56 is a premium all tube 14-watt hand built guitar amplifier based on the venerable Fender Deluxe® 5E3 originally produced from 1955-1960. The design’s apparent simplicity belies the vast range of wonderfully complex sounds it produces. Renowned for its early breakup and richly saturated overdriven tone, the 5E3 has long been a top choice for demanding players.

The Model 56 is a reinterpretation of the 5E3 optimized for today’s stage and studio demands. Slightly louder and considerably less noisy than the original, the extremely responsive CHURCH Model 56 delivers sonic depth, clarity and focus, along with strong transients and a three-dimensional quality that brings out the best in every player and instrument.

Each component of the Model 56 has been carefully chosen to deliver the best possible sound and performance. Many components exceed original 5E3 specifications, making for a vintage-inspired amp that is robust, reliable, ready for years of great music making.


Custom Hand Built Hardwood Cabinet
Mirrored Chrome 18 ga Steel Chassis
3mm Thick Hand-Wired Turreted Circuit Board
Magnetic Components ClassicTone Power and Output Transformers
F&T Filter Capacitors
Sprague Cathode Bypass Capacitors
Orange Drop DC Blocking Capacitors
Ohmite and Vishay Dale Heavy Duty Precision Resistors
Bourns Long Life Potentiometers
Switchcraft connectors
Carling Switches
Genuine Bakelite Pointer Knobs

Model 56 Chassis
Handwired Turret Board
Premium Components


Please feel free to contact me at info@garlandruby dot com